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Welcome to our Influencer Program!

Here you'll find all the details you need:

- What do we expect?
- What do we offer in exchange (products / money)?
- Is there an opportunity for long-term relationship?
- I don't have big TikTok / Instagram, is it a problem? 
- Why us?

What do we expect?

Frost Buddy created the Influencer Program to raise brand awareness and promote products across TikTok / Instagram. Our goal is to become a viral brand  with a huge base of loyal influencers across all platforms.

We expect our influencers to: 

  • Demonstrate Frost Buddies on TikTok / IG Reels in a casual manner (no need for corporate, official tone - keep it cool for your followers)
  • Explain how the product works and why it's better than any other product on the market
  • Make it personal - show your followers that you actually like it. Once again, keep it cool - no official, fake mannerism
  • Take some lifestyle pictures for our brand (you don't have to post them, but we'd love if you do. They're usually just for us to post them on Instagram / Facebook)
  • Follow us & engage on our social media channels from time to time

Examples of TikToks / Reels we're looking for:

What do we offer?

Currently we are focused on Gifting Campaigns, meaning we will send you a free product in exchange for content on your socials. Additionally, you will receive a 5% commission from every purchase made through your affiliate link (so yes, you can make money - in fact, a lot). Your followers will also receive a 10% discount from your link, so there's incentive from them to buy especially from you

IF your campaign is successful and we like the engagement, we will most certainly think about long-term relationship and monetary compensation.

Ideally we would want to have a very friendly relationship with our influencers, and because our team is young (<25yrs old), we get how social media world works. We don't demand too much and are very flexible. 

Is there an opportunity for a long-term relationship?

Yes, certainly!

In all honesty, this is our ultimate goal: To create a chain of influencers collaborating with Frost Buddy on mutual terms, in a partnership that is beneficial for all parties included.

If you take a part in our campaign and do a good job (high-quality, good engagement), we will definitely reach out to you for a long-term relationship!

I don't have big TikTok / Instagram, is it a problem? 

Only one platform? No biggie! 

We can always come into agreement on one platform only. As we said, we are extreeeemely flexible, as long as the terms are fine for both of us :)

Why us?

  • You get exposure on our socials
  • You receive free product + 5% comission
  • We are young & driven, we understand your needs and we don't bs you with corporate, official tone
  • We are fast growing, with potential to become a major brand in the market. By joining early, you can secure your place in the future
  • We are flexible
  • We actually care about our customers & followers, and we will care about yours if you are willing to collab


If you have additional questions.. let us know in the e-mail. 

If everything is crystal-clear and you'd like to collab.. let us know in the e-mail :)


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