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Iced Coffee Just Got Better

We designed the Universal Buddy so it’s the last purchase you’ll ever need

Fit All Iced & Hot Coffee Cups

Ditch the sleeves. The To-Go Buddy fits all small, medium, & large Dunkin’, Starbucks, & McDonalds cups ALL IN ONE.

It’s A Leak-Proof Tumbler

The To-Go is for more than coffee. You can pour a

Cup Holder Friendly

We designed Frost Buddy to fit the smallest of cup-holders so you can bring it on every adventure

Ice For Daysss

With our triple wall insulation, we guarantee to keep your ice 12+ hours & your drinks hot 6+ hours.

No More Sweat

Keep your coffee cold & your hand dry and warm! Not to mention your desk and car won’t look like it just rained.

Built To Last

We tossed the To-Go down stairs, cliffs, & rock paths. Just some tiny little scratches is all that came of it. It’s built to last.

We Are A Small Business

Mitch & I are small town, big family guys that had this crazy idea! 3 years later, we have the best buddy fam in the world. Thanks for your support :)


5 Star Reviews & Counting

Paige B.


To say I love my "To Go Buddy" is an understatement!
I pre-ordered 3 of them and guess what my whole family LOVES these! We all use them every day. I bought a Dunkin cold brew @ 1ish was in my car til 5ish and when I brought it in to throw away still had ice, no coffee but ice!

Jon K.

Beyond Expectations

I used my to go buddy to bring my frostee home from Wendy’s. Once home, I placed my lemonade in there around 8:15pm. The next day at 1:15pm I went to grab my buddy for a new drink and it still had most of the ice in it. I decided to leave that cup in there to see how long it lasted. 25 hours after originally putting it in the to go buddy, there was one cube of ice left. Taking a road trip next weekend and very excited to bring it with me.

Tasha K.

Best Product Ever!

This is by far the best product on the market, LITERALLY keeps my drink cold, ice solid, drink icy cold ALL DAY!!!!

Brianna M.

Favorite Of All Buddies

This cup is top notch. Not only did it keep ice frozen for 18 hours, but it doesn’t let the ice melt and water down your drink. By far the best cup i’ve owned, 10/10.

Frost Buddy Grey Gradient To-Go Buddy
To-Go Buddy Sale priceFrom $34.99
Universal Buddy Sale priceFrom $19.99
Frost Buddy Big Buddy
Big Buddy Sale price$29.99
Fits 12oz & 16oz Drinks




Fits 20oz & 24oz Drinks




Fits All Plastic Cups




Double Wall Insulation




Cup Holder Friendly




Comes With Leak-Proof Lid





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