Why I'm the Outcast In A Business School

What does everyone think when you tell them you're majoring in Business? Well that would be that you're learning how to start a business right! That's what I thought when I was entering one of the best business schools in the country which is the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. Let me explain to you what I have learned. 

First off, they like to have you pay a little extra by having to take two years of general classes that honestly you learn very little in. Then I finally got through those classes like "Global Culture" and "Folklore".. Yeah seems like that will help me in business. Finally I thought that once I got to my major classes that I would really start to learn about business. I majored in Finance thinking that can really help me on the numbers side of business. What I have found out over four years is that business school is actually just a farm system for corporations that pay the school an outrageous amount. Almost every professor teaches you information that you're going to need "when you work for so and so". As someone starting businesses, it was burning to hear them only talk about working for the man. No professor ever taught me material that was helping me actually create systems and models for my own company. This is so frustrating for someone paying over $40K a year just getting forced into a system.

The thing that surprised me is that I bet 95% of kids want to be in that system. It's a "safe" system so we are told until something like this pandemic happens, and now it's not so safe. Kids ask me all time who my internship is for and who I got job interviews lined up with. It never fails that they are shocked with my response. I say "I don't have an internship or job interview" and "I'm trying to start my own business". You would think in a business school that would be normal. They all say it is so risky or ask what my backup plan is. The thing is if I have a backup plan, I'm not fully committed to what I want to achieve. Why is it that starting a business is risky but being a number for a multibillion dollar corporation is safe? 

In my eyes, I have full control over how much success I can have. I get to make the decisions and learn as I go. I get to make so many mistakes and have no safety net. If I were to be another number, I'm in one job doing one specific thing and that's just not going to give me enough reason to wake up in the morning. I'm not programmed to make someone else all the money when I know I have the capability to do it myself. It has been difficult for me to realize that not everyone thinks like that. I guess that's what makes the world go round! 

I've been in school for 4 years now, and I came to a point where I realized I might not make any money for a couple years doing my own thing. The one thing I do know is that I will fail, learn, fail, learn, and most importantly learn how to start making money and doing things that work. I can tell you just in the 4 months of doing this, I know so many things that don't work and that I will never do again. Everyday that I fail or get told no by people, I know I'm just closer to figuring it out. 


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