Here’s Why Beers are Served Cold

From movie marathons to the good old weekend catch-ups, cold beers are the perfect buddies. But, have you ever wondered why they’re almost always preferred cold, regardless if served in a cup, bottle, glass, or even tumblers? 

They say nothing beats an ice cold beer any time of the day. It’s no secret – it’s the world’s most celebrated drink just as it’s the unmatched choice to gather old friends and meet new ones. While this has long been an undisputed fact, one thing still rings for debate – should they always be served cold?

Contrary to the said assumption, beers have their own serving temperature suggestions to get the most out of their flavors. The most basic rule, however, is that the higher alcohol content the beer has, the warmer it is best served and consumed. This basically means the beers consumed purely for refreshment are the ones you might want to drink ice cold. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Iced/well-chilled (around 40F): Pilsners and other pale lagers, hard ciders, etc, due to their clean simple flavors.
  • Chilled (around 45F): Darker lagers (like dunkels), pale ales, wheat beers.
  • Slightly chilled (around 50F): Low alcohol IPAs and stouts, amber ales, tripels.
  • Cellar temperature (around 55F): Stouts, imperial IPAs, sour beers (lambics, gueuzes, etc), scotch ales, dubbels.
  • Slightly below room temperature (around 60F): Complex, rich, dark beers, like barleywines, imperial stouts, and quads.

Your stouts, pale ales, hard ciders, pilsners, are best consumed cold for the right punch and quench. In between all the fun and merriment though, the beer tends to get warm, and putting ice every-so-often just severs the momentum. With the popularity of insulated bottles, steel cups, and tumblers, it’s not hard to keep beers cold until the last light ticks off.

While insulated bottles, steel cups, tumblers aid in giving this a go, keeping your beer or juice cold without it ever leaving the can or bottle is the new pro. Universal can coolers are the prime buddies of having a good time without any disturbance in the flow, with beers and juices in their best temperature for hours on end. Frost Buddy’s Universal Buddy 2.0 does this well – it’s the perfect buddy of your beer, juice or any beverage in 12oz or 16oz cans, slim cans, and bottles in keeping it cold until the last drop and fizzle. 

Served warm or cold, at the end of the day, it’s still all about your drink preference whether it’s a chilly Friday night, a warm Sunday bbq, or even a hard Monday morning. 

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