Father’s Day Message To All Dads!!

Hi {{ first_name }},

From Mitch and I, we just wanted to say Happy Father's Day to all of the great dads out there :)

We have been blessed to have an amazing father growing up that supports us everyday!

No matter what we do or what path we choose, he supports 110% and wants us to be happy

He makes us want to become better men and even better fathers when that time comes (still going to be awhile haha)

But as with most fathers im sure, we don't tell them how much we appreciate them 

The sacrifices you make as dads that we dont even realize until we get older is crazy

I know for a fact our dad would die for us to have an amazing happy life and I couldnt be more grateful

Luckily, we got to golf with him on Friday and spend the day in the pool with him today!

Life is short so we try to spend as many moments as possible with family!!

If you haven't yet, be sure to tell dad how appreciative of him you are for everything!

For the dads that got a Frost Buddy today, I hope they/you love it so much and use it all the time!! (I know you will lol)

We are so happy that we can be a part of so many Father's Days!! :) it really means a lot to us!

If you know us, you know a big part of our brand is being genuine people that stay true to family and great values that we were raised with.

That's how we want it to stay no matter what!

A huge part of that is thanks to dad so lets raise a cold one (in our frost buddy) to all the dads out there!!

We love you and thank you and by god, take the day for yourself, relax, drink, golf, do what you love, and don't work!! Haha


Happy Father's Day :)

Brock & Mitch 


P.s tag us on instagram of your dads and their frost buddy for a shout out !!!

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  • Paula Hagman

    We have bought 10 Frost Buddies we lost the inner sleeve on a universal. How can I get one?
    Thank you in advance

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