Getting The Drunchies

Ever wondered why you get hungry when you're drunk? And why it can't be an apple that you're craving?😩 Well here we are, last night having a party and I see one of my best friends for the first time since the virus hit. She comes in already hammered which was fun, but this girl probably told me she wanted Taco Bell at least 7 times through the night (I know you've been there). I'm talking every 5 to 10 minutes, "Hey you know what I want?" Yes, I know what you want lol So at 1am where do we go? TACO BELL. Not only that, but we found out there was one Taco Bell open out of the three that were in the area. That happened to be the last one we went to. We ordered more than we could eat per usual, and it tasted like heaven until waking up today.

So I wanted to look into why we just craveee fast food when we are drunk! Turns out when we drink, we activate special neurons in the front of our brain that deal with hunger. Long story short, you drink -> your brain thinks you're starving. See we humans really have no chance! So this was surprising news to me, but then I kept reading and that's when it really hit me. Another study surveyed people and 1/3 of those people go to sure enough, TACO BELL. Maybe this isn't news to you, but Taco Bell has marketed around a "fourth meal". I was basically reading about our night last night, but now I know why we get so hungry when we are drunk, and I'm bringing an apple next time we go to Taco Bell😉



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