What’s It Like On A College Campus During COVID?

First day of class at a college of 45,000 people, you expect campus to look like a zoo. Then after about 2 weeks it settles as some kids stop going to class or figure out their schedules better. Well today I am one of the few that has in person class, so I walked to class like a normal day. The difference is I saw about 3 kids the entire time on my walk. Campus is completely empty and looks like somewhat of a ghost town. 

I walked into the building today with my mask on because masks are required at all times. We now have assigned seats in every class and there is massive distancing amongst the classroom. The professor has a mask on with a glass stand in front of him/her with a mic so that we can actually hear. They have a camera in front of them because the school has split the class in half. A-M goes to class on Monday and then have Zoom class on Wednesdays and vice versa for the second half of the alphabet. To say the least, it is very different! The professors don’t like it and we don’t like it, but at least the organization of the school is on point to make it much easier. 

I only go to in person class on Mondays and the rest are virtual. Majority of kids I know are like this or all online. I think the hardest thing about online would be the focus. If you’re in your own home, the distractions to do literally anything else are everywhere. For me, it’s great because it does allow me some more time to work on my online business and keep growing it. Being in my last year of school and having most of my friends in their last year, it is not the senior year we had intended or would like. As with everyone this is not the year we would have liked it to be. Because of strict guidelines, I’m really not allowed to see friends outside of my house, and if we do, we have to be careful with things. We aren’t in an ideal learning environment. Bars are all social distancing and more so like restaurants with 50% capacity. Tailgates aren’t going to happen in the Big Ten because they shut that down and some people just didn’t even come back to campus. I know a number of kids that are really struggling mentally with the changes and feeling alone and isolated as I’m sure a lot of people have felt. 

One thing we have all realized is how much human connection means to us and how important it is. Even with the masks and distancing, it’s great to be able to see more than 3 people in one place and at least feel some sense of community. We all know what each other is going through. The word on campus is that we won’t be here longer than 2 weeks before they shut it down because of the parties going on. We have been told that people caught in parties greater than 15 will be expelled 😬 That has certainly put a halt to the massive darties that went viral on Twitter here! Haha The hope is that there is some light at the end of the tunnel with a vaccine coming and potentially normalizing some things a little more. 

You wouldn’t really think school was in session at Indiana University right now and I’m sure it’s like that everywhere, well until you can’t get on Zoom because their server can’t handle the massive amount of kids on it haha School is definitely way different and doesn’t even feel like school anymore, but that’s the life we have right now so we’re all just trying to make it feel as normal as possible with the friends we have close! If people are interested in hearing some more about campus during Covid, feel free to reach out! 


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